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How should I go about learning Chinese?

Hello there:

I was wondering the best way to go about learning Chinese through Duolingo. How should I learn all the characters? Quite confusing.

Kind regards, George

May 29, 2018



Learn the transliteration of the words first and then go back and learn the characters. Learning to speak is always more useful then writing a language.


Yes, but don't forget to learn the written language after you learn how to speak.


Choosing not to focus on the characters could prove to be a major hinderance in the future. I take a Chinese course at my University and we learn the characters while learning how to speak so that understanding the various intricacies (i.e. stroke order) don't become an overwhelming task later on.


I think it would be better to have these materials: -Chinese to English translation (optimally WordReference or paper) http://www.wordreference.com/enzh/duolingo -One of those books that you write Chinese characters in (optimally a workbook) if needed you can .
use just blank paper https://i.pinimg.com/originals/46/0f/cf/460fcf6d988e002523f27188f5cc8551.jpg but more -A ton of self-integrity -Pencil We're not going to go much off the Duolingo curriculum as you are using it. Whenever you meet a new word; remember the translation (through duolingo) do the duolingo exercise write the character until you can write it out given definition or pinyin. Optimally test yourself Not much else

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