"Vůbec se na ten víkend netěším."

Translation:I am not looking forward to that weekend at all.

May 29, 2018

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I, too, just got a wrong on "I am not at all looking forward to that weekend." It seems like really regular English to me.....and English is the only language I speak well......


I didn't manage to find the question and report it, so please report it if you didn't already.


I have added options with "I am not at all looking forward..."


Isn't this also correct: "I'm not at all looking forward to that weekend."?


That would be fine in English, though maybe used less often than what's given for the main translation... unless there's something about the CZECH sentence that would make it not work. You might try reporting it, if you haven't done so.


Thanks! I didn't report it yet. Is there a way to get to the question again so that I can report it?


I haven't found an EASY way, unfortunately, but it would be great to have one! A (tedious) workaround would be to go back to the skill where the sentence "lives" (if you remember...) and run a Practice session until it pops up. Then put your "wrong" answer in again, and use the My Answer Should Be Accepted button, which usually appears as an option under Report. You'll get a nice e-mail from DL if it becomes an accepted answer.


Maybe review the lesson right after completing it.

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