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"Yo hablo portugués y español."

Translation:I speak Portuguese and Spanish.

May 29, 2018

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E que tal: eu falo Português e percebo o que está escrito em Espanhol? xD


What does that even mean?


It's written in Portuguese. I think it says How about: I speak Portuguese and understand what is written in Spanish?

That's because Portuguese and Spanish are quite similar. If you can speak one, you can likely read the other and at least be able to guess the general idea of what it's saying.


Exactly, bingo!!


Actually Portuguese and Spanish might sound similar, but it is very difficult to understand one of them just knowing the other... I am from Brazil and I couldn't understand almost anything in Spanish before I started to study it.


It might be because of this phenomenon I've noticed with Indonesian vs. Malay languages; these two languages are like paternal twins. Many Indonesian native speakers need like, oh, 15-30 minutes to learn the differences between the two languages and at most a week of practice before they could speak Malay passably. The vice versa, curiously, isn't applicable: it takes considerable effort for Malay native speakers to even understand Indonesian, let alone learn to speak the language. I never understand why but I've always find this interesting. Perhaps similar phenomenon also occurs with Spanish and Portuguese?


if I say 'I speak Spanish and Portuguese ' it means the same as above and should not be marked incorrect


It does mean the same but it is not a correct translation.


I wrote talk instead of speak what is wrong? And also hablo means talk when you hover over them.


The word Portugues had a TINY misspell!!!!!


De verdad, yo hablo Portañol....


Hola yo hablo español y nose que estan diciendo pero todo lo que esta en el audio esta bien nada esta incorrecto


i speak two languages, Spanish is the third one and I'm learning it thank duolingo you really helped me.

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