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Crown level decrease

I changed over to the crown system from fluency. I worked my way up to 217 crowns in Spanish (I'm at level 25). The system just updated with a bunch more modules - and reduced my crowns to 174. What is that all about?

I'd try to look it up on Duo's discussion section, except the search engine is so cludgy I'm not going to waste my time.

May 29, 2018



They updated the Spanish tree, there are a lot more words and skills now. I just tested out of a lot of skills on mobile, and I'm going to work through the skills I couldn't test out of.


They reconfigured all the lessons, and it appears to me that crowns were lost for skills that were split across other lessons or that were enhanced with any new words. Based on posts from other users this is a pretty universal experience for those being transferred to the new tree.


They claimed in the Crown FAQ that you would never lose crowns. Wrong! They have found yet another way to mess things up. My crown level went from 138 to 110. They really have been screwing up big time.

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