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Flirting lesson is missing

I bought flirting and idioms and only Idioms shows up I looked everywhere on the lessons and its not there

May 29, 2018



Hi, this is the Spanish forum, for getting help with Spanish grammar, vocabulary, resources, etc. Could you please edit your original post and use the drop-down list at top left to change the topic from "Spanish" to "Troubleshooting"? That way it won't clutter up the Spanish forum, and the answers you get might help others who look in Troubleshooting for information on how Duolingo works.

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You are in a Duolingo classroom and your teacher has disabled "mature" words.
You need to talk to your teacher about this.


Both of these transferred over to my new tree, side by side. Sounds like a glitch of some sort.


Teachers can disable "mature" words. This has the effect of hiding the flirting bonus skill. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/27166312

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