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spanish words being different from an image that is being shown

Has anyone seen an image of an object in a question (e.g., a bed), but the answer is incorrect (e.g., sala "living room") is incorrect. No matter how many times I tried to connect with dunoLingo to let them know that the picture and the answer didn't match, they replayed the same incorrect question over and over. Pushing the skip button didn't work either. This isn't the end of the world; this app is very helpful, but there must be a better way to let them know that something needs to be fixed.

May 30, 2018



You think that’s bad, try it on the Korean course! LOL


I agree with you!


There are issues on the Spanish-English tree as well. I found one just this morning. "ninas"= photo of two little girls with the word "boys" under it. I reported it.


I've also noted that sometimes the algorithm is using European Spanish instead of Central or South American Spanish. I was dinged for not using "vosotoros" (formal for plural you), which is used in Spain but not in most of the Spanish-speaking world that uses (ustedes). Also the use of articles is inconsistent and some of the words and/or sentences that are translated from Spanish into English would make the non-English speaking person sound ridiculous and childish if spoken in an English-speaking country. I recently read a small article, I think in Time Magazine, about duoLingo that cited the large number of computer scientists being used and the small number of translators or linguists being used, which I'm sure might be the reason for some of the problems that are arising. I hate to complain because I think duoLingo is a wonderful concept, but...


It is supposed to accept vosotros answers as well as Latin American, and when you make a mistake it will pick the answer it thinks is closest to what you typed. Sometimes that means it will show you the vosotros answer if you made a mistake.

Do you have an example of the ridiculous or childish translations? I haven't noticed this. I have noticed that the articles aren't always consistent (particularly when matching pairs).

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