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Random observations on the new Spanish tree

  • Some of the word choices are now in sync with the reverse tree (Spanish to English)... for example, "marrón" for brown and "sándwich" rather than "emparedado". The structure of the tree also seems to more closely mirror the reverse version.

  • Some of the new skills promote me to crown level 1 halfway through the exercises. Perhaps the latter half was "remembered" as complete from the old tree?

  • Some of the pictures for newly added words do not provide audio when clicked. Not sure how to report this to DL as the only report option has to do with the picture not matching the audio.

  • Such random scattered crowns after the conversion! Will be a fun challenge to level these up though.

  • There is lots of repetition in the lower levels and re-learning of terms. But -- lots of quick XP! LOL


May 30, 2018



I like the longer trees, more practice for me is better. I also like the new material. My only concern is that is seems like it will not be possible to redo any of the sections. I know there is the practice option but to be able to do an occasional redo would be nice.


words tied to pictures, I don't have that. I thought all of the visuals were done away with.


Looks like they're back. I've had a lesson made up almost entirely of images yesterday ("Travel").


Thanks Joe, for the observations!

I lost 15 crowns total on my Spanish tree with the update today. Anybody else lose crowns?


I lost 40 and it's very discouraging. I went from practicing enough to get several hundred XP daily to just practicing enough to keep my streak because of this. I'm doing this to learn, not just to get crowns, but most of my skills reset from 5 crowns to absolute zero, so I can't even see what I've already worked on. And about 1,000 words disappeared from my "Words" list. That makes me think that some of my progress was actually erased, not just adjusted a little to account for lesson changes.


Lost 14 lost crowns and most of my motivation :-(


You're welcome, and yes, I believe most of us lost crowns. I am regaining them quickly though with entry level crowns from the new skills, as many of those recycle a majority of their words from the old version.


I've lost about 10 crowns, so I wasn't particularly happy either. Especially given that I was working on getting "Food" to level 5 for the past few days, and it's moved all the way down to the bottom and got reset to 1. Quite upsetting.

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