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Madrigal's Magic Key To Spanish

Hello fellow Duo users! If you wondering what in the world the title of this post meant, it is the title of a really great book for Spanish learners! It primarily is for those who are just learning but is still great for the more experienced. With this book you will be able to...

● Learn to speak, read, and write Spanish quickly and easily.

● Convert English into Spanish in an instant.

● Start forming sentences after the very first lesson.

● Identify thousands of Spanish words within a few weeks of study.

● Travel to Spanish-speaking countries with confidence and comfort.

● Develop perfect pronunciation, thanks to the book's pronunciation key.

And no it is not free, but is well worth the money. To learn more Click Here. Have a great week!


May 30, 2018



Could you please change the topic from 'Duolingo in English' to 'Spanish'? Thank you!


This book has good reviews. Thanks for the tip.

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