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"Puedo ayudarte" vs "te puedo ayudar"

Another example of this "no te puedo entender" vs "no puedo entenderte"

What's the difference between these two? Do they mean the same exact thing or is "te" stressed differently depending on where you put it?

May 30, 2018



They are the same, you can use them interchangeably. I prefer independent pronouns ("te puedo ayudar") but it is a matter of taste.


It is not that it is different, but with an infinitive the "te" is attached to the end of the infinitive so that would be the preferred form here and for other verb forms "te" goes before the verb.

Wait, it looks like they can also attach the object to the present participle as well, but then you will need to add an accent to the syllable that is supposed to get the stress.

Also, there is a difference in commands, "te" follows a positive command and precedes a negative command.


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