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  5. "The hotel is there."

"The hotel is there."

Translation:호텔은 거기에 있습니다.

May 30, 2018



Why not "호텔은 거기에 있습니다"?


2019 january 2; that is accepted.


Why does : 호텔이 거기 있습니다. is wrong, please ?


It seems like sometimes 거기 is needed and sometimes isn't? Why or how do I know when?


I think it depends if one wants to translate either the English idiomatic expression there is specifying existence of certain object, regardless of actual location, either the specification of where a certain object is (here, there, over there). The latter requires addition of 여기, 거기, 저기, while for the former, 있다 suffices.

I've noted in another question this nuance in English is missed by some non-native English speakers.

For this question, the English clearly specifies location: the hotel is there (and not anywhere else). One needs 거기.

For the English there is a hotel, one does not specify location, only its existence. The hotel could be anywhere. One does not need 거기.

Finally, for fun, one could say There is a hotel there/here to combine both existence and location :)

Hope my late afternoon rant helps.

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