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"He forgot there was an important meeting today."


May 30, 2018



I'm fairly certain "他今天忘了有重要的會議。" (with the date preceding the verb) should also be accepted.


This sentence seems like it is acceptable in terms of phrasing. However, it is close to "Today, he forgot there was an important meeting". What you are doing with 今天 is that the time of the "meeting" is not indicated, so that the meeting can take place in any of the past time, say yesterday or last week. Instead, you are making "he" does the job "today", forgetting.

Do be careful of how you combine characters together since in practice, Chinese natives are often prosy and descriptive with sentences.


I shall bear that in mind, thanks. But I would have thought that putting the date earlier merely confirms both the forgetting and the meeting were both today. One lives & learns. One thinks one has learnt something of the grammar, then along comes something to trip one up.


I think that if you put 今天 before 忘了 like that, then you need to omit the 有. Also, I don't think that your sentence specifies that the meeting is/was today, only that the forgetting happened today.


What is the difference between 忘了 and 忘记了?


They both mean "forgot". I don't know if there is a difference in formality or usage between them.


Can't "today" come before "forgot"?


不接受了我的 "他忘今天有重要的会议了"。在这个例子中把“了”放在句末竟然有问题吗


Why not 今天 after the subject ?


What's the difference between 开会 and 会议?


开会 is the verb "to hold a meeting" or "to have a meeting". 会议 is the noun "meeting".

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