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"Kdybys míň jedl, byl bys zdravější."

Translation:If you ate less, you would be healthier.

May 30, 2018



My answer -- If you would eat less you would be healthier -- was not accepted. I used the conditional in the first clause because I thought it was conditional in the original sentence. I'm not a grammarian, but I don't THINK this is grammatically incorrect, although most people probably would say "If you ate less..." or "If you were to eat less..."

So would someone please tell me why my answer was wrong? (I would report this, but there's no button for My Answer Should Be Accepted.)


I am not too strong in English conditionals but as they normally teach them this is the Second conditional and one has if + past simple in one clause and would + infinitive in the other clause.


Thanks. Guess I'd better go look it up, since I clearly missed that in school... ! .-)

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