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Duel bug (aka time machine allows me to see the future)

I just had a duel with Mazitova99 in German with an interesting bug, one I saw earlier in the day but didn't record.

About two questions in, her answers started being for the next question, e.g. My question would be He owns a bed, and her anser would be "das Spielzug" then my next question would be "the toy" and she'd be answering the one after that.

Gave me quite an advantage, being able to look into the future to see the next question AND her answer.

Thought the team would like to know. Love the app.

April 25, 2014



Interesting bug! And you probably already know this since you can see into the future ;-), but change the topic above to Troubleshooting and the team will see it even faster.


Thanks for this report! Sending onwards, so that we can take a closer look. Appreciated :)


It happens quite often to me too..


It happened to me just once (on the first day of the duels ).

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