"Jednou budeš mojí manželkou."

Translation:Someday, you will be my wife.

May 30, 2018

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I think these translations with Jednou would make more sense with 'oneday' instead of 'someday'.


Feel free to support your assertions.


I wrote 'once, you will be my wife' and it is incorrect.


Here are the options: [Someday/Some day/Sometime/One day/At some point/Eventually]

"once" is only used in the past. "Jednou jsi byla mojí manželkou" -- "You were my wife once."


Přemyslel jsem si o tom, ale vždy je lepší zeptat se.


Why do we use an accusative here?


I'm pretty sure this is instrumental case, as accusative would be "manželku."

To test my little theory, I did a Google translation for "you will be a good wife," and it gave me "budete dobrou ženou," which is instrumental.

I'm sure someone with more knowledge will be able to explain WHY it is the instrumental, because I can't help with that!


"To be someone/something" can be translated both with nominative and with instrumental. There are certain rules when one or the other is better. I think they were shown by me or someone else in some other thread. This text in Czech is about that https://cs.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nominativ#Konkurence_nominativu_a_instrument%C3%A1lu


Totally strange, "den" masculine gets a "female" declination. Bojím se český jazyk nebo lépe češtiny? Thx


Well there is no "den" in the sentence, is there? Another way is saying "jednoho dne", which includes "den" and uses a masculine number. But "jednou" is an adverb, it's fixed in that form and it can't attach to any noun. It's also not referring specifically to "one day", but to "one moment in time".

And "Bojím se českého jazyka (češtiny)" needs the genitive ;)

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