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Thank You to Duolingo

I might have said thanks before. I'll say it again. I like what you are doing here and your effort is a huge benefit to me.

Thanks Duolingo.

May 30, 2018



I think it's important for many of us to remember just how much Duolingo has given us. Most of my language study had fizzled out after a few intense days. Without Duolingo I wouldn't have accomplished half of what I have.


I don't think we can say it enough, Duolingo is a game changer and I mean that literally. My daughters mother was addicted to Candy Crush and has spent literally thousands of hours playing that game with nothing really to show for it other than how many levels she is above all her friends. She is 1/2 Latina and her Abuela (Grandmother) speaks mainly Spanish. I turned her on to Duolingo and she is now hooked and working toward her dream of being able to converse with her Abuela in her native language before she transitions from this life.

I personally have tried several of the other more "Expensive" softwares as well as numerous books, classes and programs. I work in an industry that has 98% Spanish speaking individuals and have had a sincere desire to learn for about 6 to 8 years now. Believe it or not I have actually learned more from Duolingo in the past 30 days then I have in all the previous years with all those other previous programs combined. I comprehend much more of what is being said even though I am still new and learning and I am excited every day to learn more and more..

Thank you Duolingo for making dreams come true !


Agree...been an awesome ride for me so far as well.


I too appreciate all Duolingo does for us and the price is right! Free for everyone!!!


Yeah! People complain so much they forget about the good side


yes! thank you so much duoling for providing this amazing resource!!!



Duolingo is amazing!!!!!!


I agree with you! has helped me stay consistent and get closer to my goal everyday!


Your short and simple message is worth so many lingots, I can't even begin.


Same here! I love Duolingo and I hope they help me in my dream to move to a Spanish speaking country. I'm thinking of Costa Rica or Tenerife. I don't think I will ever be fluent in Spanish but if I learn enough to cope then I will be very happy.

[deactivated user]

    I completely agree with you. Thank you Duolingo!!

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