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  5. "nuqneH, torgh?"

"nuqneH, torgh?"

Translation:What do you want, Torg?

May 30, 2018



I'm not getting any sound does anyone else have that problem? Sound is working on my other apps.


There is no sound for the Klingon course, unfortunately.

We had hoped to be able to offer sound but that hasn't been a priority for Duolingo HQ.


Why the sentence "nuqneH, torgh" can not be translated as "What did you want, Torg"? Only "What do you want, Torg"?


nuqneH is a very specific word with a very specific use. It is used to prompt a reply from a person currently near you (either physically or in some sort of contact with you, but not stating their business). It is not a complete sentence and can't be used to generally ask what someone wants (or wanted, or will want). For that you need to form a complete sentence (which you will learn how to do in this course).


I was gonna ask that in the comments, saw it was already answered :) have a lingot

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