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  5. "Vypadají jako lišky."

"Vypadají jako lišky."

Translation:They look like foxes.

May 30, 2018



Is it a common expression, in Czech or English ? (To look like a fox)


I thought about dogs when I read that, not about people.


Or also during mushroom picking (liška can also be a chanterelle).


Reminds me of "Two Wild and Crazy Guys" on Saturday Night Live 40 years ago.


"vypadat" already means "look like", right? So don't you think it is unnecessary to add "jako" in the sentence?


You can't translate every word for word. "Vypadat" can be just "to look":

"You look bad." "Vypadáš špatně."

That is with an adverb in Czech, but likely an adjective in English.

If you look like someone, you use "vypadat jako někdo/něco" "to look like someone/something".


When translating the isolated verb vypadat we usually add “like” in order to avoid confusion with “to look at” (divat se na). vypadat cannot mean that. If you want you can mentally put the explanatory word in parentheses and say that vypadat = “to look (like)” and divat se = “to look (at).”

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