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  5. "Where are your castles?"

"Where are your castles?"

Translation:Kde jsou vaše hrady?

May 30, 2018



why is this asking for the 4th case for this one? Should'nt Jsou be followed by 1st case vaši?


"Hrady" is a masculine inanimate plural noun, so the possessive pronoun must match it in gender, case and number. "Vašě" is used with nominative plural masculine inanimate nouns. "Vaši" would be used for masculine animate.


You have a small typo, "Vašě" would be how it was pronounced in middle ages.


WOW... my Czech is better than I thought, I even know the really, really old stuff... :-)


Kde vaše hrady jsou? ?


Not really, that is very unnatural. Use the VSO order for questions and prepend a pronoun if applicable.

If you were really tired of waiting for the castles you were promised, you could say "Kde ty vaše hrady jsou?" (Where are those castles of yours?) to stress you are eager, impatient or disappointed.


Couldn't it be "kde jsou tvoje hrady?"


the way you are asking suggests that someone claimed it could not. but that answer is among the accepted alternatives, so if it was rejected for you, use the reporting button.


Thanks. I'm pretty sure it rejected that answer but I might have mistakenly written je instead of jsou. I'll report it if it happens again.

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