"The game is not on Saturday."

Translation:El partido no es el sábado.

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Why is the article, el, required here?

7 months ago

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Instead of using "on" for days Spanish uses "el." If you want to say every Saturday, it would be plural "los sábados"

Without "el" it sounds to the Spanish speaker like you are stating the the game is not ONa day of the week, but it actually IS a day of the week.

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The answer is saying the game is only on "the" Saturday of this week; not every Saturday.

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Why is it 'es'? why not 'estas ?

4 months ago


Ser is always used for date/times and events. These two mnemonics really help me:

SER: DOCTORE (D-date; definition, O -occupation, C-characteristics, T-time, O- origin, R-relationships, E-events

ESTAR: PLACE (P- position, L- location, A-action, C- condition, E-emotions.

3 months ago


thank you for this!

3 months ago


so, which would be the most accurate word, "juego" or "partido"? Is one more formal than the other?

2 months ago


Found a lot of conflicting opinions on this one but here seems to be the most common opinions:

'Partido' = Used for games where there are two opposing sides. Also considered more formal (like a professional game).

'Juego' = Used for games like solitaire where there is only one player. Considered less formal (like just having fun).

I also found an example that showed a slight difference in meaning:

'el partido de fútbol' = the soccer match/game

"el juego de fútbol" = the game of soccer (speaking in general)

Like I said though take this with a grain of salt because often they seem to be interchangeable and sometimes there were conflicting opinions.

2 months ago


In earlier lessons, it was teaching "El psrtido es sabado" make sure to use the article, they need to fix that.

3 weeks ago
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