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  5. "Emilian huandika kitabu"

"Emilian huandika kitabu"

Translation:Emilian writes a book

May 30, 2018



How can this be habitual?


Emilian writes a book every time he moves to a new country.

(Yeah, I had to stretch a bit to get there. Possibly you can use this in Swahili because it more or less means "Emilian works on the book", like, he habitually writes a bit of it every now and then, but it doesn't work in English because "write a book" entails finishing the book. To be honest though, I'm kind of suspecting it's just a weird sentence instead though.)


I suspect the Swahili standard is to use the singular for nonspecific objects of habitual sentences, whereas English uses plural. Which, means, I think, this sentence actually means "Emilian writes books".


Just a few sentences before, we had "Seremala hutengeneza viti ..." so I don't know. Maybe this sentence just was not thought out well ...

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