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  5. "A brown belt."

"A brown belt."

Translation:Un cinturón marrón.

May 30, 2018



I sure hope I don't need a black belt. I've said brown belt 1500 times... There should be more variety.


Yes you are right there should be more variety


when did brown become marrón, I thought it was cafe?




:) as the articles explain, there are different words. It can depend on the country (like we don't always use the same word for some things in the US as they do in England, even though we both speak English), or on the particular shade of brown. A friend from Puerto Rico told me if people didn't know what I meant, just say "color de cafe" or "color de chocolate," because they would know those foods and then they would tell me how they say it in their country :)


It isn't simply a matter of regional variation; in a single country several different words for the same thing exist together; journalists, for example, can and will switch synonyms within an article in the interest of style.


Cafe is the word for coffe (which is brown)


can be moreno y cafe y morron. all three correctemente


No Anita, no significan lo mismo generalmente. Depende el país, se indican de distinto modo. El más común es "marrón". En Centroamérica se escucha mucho "café" (like coffee). "Moreno" no es común, y se usa más para describir a la gente con color de piel o cabello más oscuros.


It throws me off saying a cinturon marron instead of marron cinturon because it is the opposite of english


Keep practicing! You will get it! There are other languages that do it like Spanish (and other languages that do it like English) :)


Would this be a brown belt,as in martial arts,or as the kind you use to keep your pants up?


I couldn't remember the full word for belt so just wrote, un cinto marrón and it marked me correct wth


Cinto is another word for belt


When I lived Guadalajara it was café. There are a lot of words that are different. I remember more than I thought I did.


I know I spelled "Cinturón" wrong, but why is it telling me that the word should be "Cincho" instead? I've never seen it before now


last time i was told cinto for belt, then I typed Ciento, but now it's telling me it's Cinturon, WTH, why does it keep changing it's name?


cinto, cinturón, and cincho probably should all be accepted. If you typed any of those and it was counted wrong, the best thing to do would be to use the "report" button and choose "my answer should be accepted." Before reporting, be sure you didn't have other mistakes that would have caused your sentence to be counted wrong.

If you typed "ciento," that is a different word. It is the number 100, so that is incorrect :)


I typed in cinturon and it counted it wrong


"cinturón" is correct and accepted - it is in the example answer that Duo displays (see the top of this sentence discussion)

If your answer was marked as incorrect, the reason was elsewhere.

It's not uncommon that people complain about Duo not accepting a different translation for a certain word when the real error is elsewhere in the sentence.

It is always best to share your full answer in the forum so it can be completely checked.


It does that sometimes. I don't know why. You can use either. Usually it only counts wrong if more than one letter is wrong in misspelling, or if there is something else wrong with your sentence. Then if it does count your answer wrong, sometimes you get a surprising alternative (that is also correct, but not what you were trying to type!)


why does it accept ''café'' as brown here but not on the question when it literally asks for just the colour? That's a continuity error :///


When is un and when do I use una ,


Un is male, used with male nouns "un vestido" (A dress). Una is female, used with female nouns "una camisa" (a shirt)


That is so confusing... A dress sounds feminine but is male in spanish


In the US and the Baja Peninsula, I heard moreno mas que marrón. Are we learning more latin Spanish derived from central and southern America or de España?


*On Duolingo, you'll learn a version of Spanish closer to what you'd hear in Latin America than in Spain, but the differences are relatively small and everybody will be able to understand you.



Cinturón wasn't in the options


I continue to have "typos" because my phone won't let me select accents When I put in an apostrophe after an accented letter sometimes it accepts it, other times it says typos, occasionally it says it is wrong. Why?

  1. Long press on the letter and it should provide the alternatives with accents.

  2. Duolingo have developed automated matching algorithms that compare the answer provided against a database of multiple possible correct answers. The algorithm's try to allow for simple typos, but it can be a bit hit & miss, depending on how far the algorithms decide your answer is from the ones in the database.

The user consensus seems to be that it will allow for a single letter error (missing, extra, or incorrect). So, for example, entering Felipe as Filipe should probably be marked as a typo, but entering it as Phelipe** would be an error.


Thank you! Gracias


Why not un cinturón castaño?


Why it can't be :- Un marrón de Cinturón?


I feel like belt (cinturon) isn't being practiced enough


Why did it say no?! I typed in the correct answer and then it told me the same thing. Do any of you know?


We cant see what you submitted, or how Duo responded. In these circumstances, there is invariably a small difference between what you submitted and what Duo expected.

If you post a screenshot we can try to see what went wrong.

How To Upload A Screenshot



Isnt belt : correa


The word "correa" is in accepted answers.

You may receive a warning about an unexpected space - if so, please report the sentence as there is an error in the database formatting.


I typed "cinturon" like "cinturón" but it said I still have a typo?


Cinturón marrón But I need a black belt


Why is belt caro and cinturon ?


"belt" is "el cinturón"

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