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  5. "Sí, la fiesta es divertida."

"Sí, la fiesta es divertida."

Translation:Yes, the party is fun.

May 30, 2018



What's the difference between divertida and divertido?


The same that is betwee La and El. Divertida is feminine and divertido is masculine. Same like hija and hijo etc.


Why is it not esta. Es is permanent right?


I'm no expert on this, but it seems the differences between ser/estar aren't exactly permanent vs. temporary, in all cases. There's some subtle differences on a case by case basis. In this particular example, I believe if you say something "está divertido" you are actually saying it's funny, whereas with "es" it means fun. I would suppose that this is because the state/nature of something either is, or it isn't, with "es." So in other words, the party could become boring for sure, but I think simply put, the nature of the party is either fun or not fun, in general cases. So I think "esta" being temporary is more for personal states of being, maybe not the general nature of a thing.

But I'm still learning – any native speakers or advanced speakers, ayudarnos por favor!


I guess a fiesta is not a festival, lol.


Is this an American usage of 'fun'? I'm from the UK and it feels as if something is missing!


In England, diverting is an alternative to fun. This was not accepted.


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How do you change accents?

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