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How can I write German characters without a German keyboard?

Right now, I am on my phone doing DL. On my computer, paying bills. I just started German. Can I use another key to make the character that looks like a “B” but sounds like an “s”. Bitte help.

May 30, 2018



You could also use double s (ss), it won't look like the letter but Duolingo accepts it.


It's called das Eszett or scharfes s. Depending on the device you use and the operating system, you need to install a German keyboard. I'm sure you can find tutorials, like this one for whatever phone you use.


Danke! a lingot for you!


In my keyboard I press AltGr + S


I am going to try it. Danke! A lingot for your help.


You can download certain types of software to programme your keyboard to do such things via hotkeys/command-keys such as Alt + e (example). For me, it is quite simple because my keyboard comes with software that allows me to directly programme it with whatever I like - quick and simple! Hope you find what you are looking for! Regards, ;).


Danke! I have not learned the word for friend yet. have a lingot for your help.


Fruend (masculine - singular) - Fruendin (feminine - singular) : )


You actually mean Freund and Freundin.


For my english keyboard I use the following Alt225 = ß Alt148 = ö Alt129 = ü Alt132 = ä

:) Viel Spaß beim lernen!


I found two websites that describe how to do it:

If anyone knows how to do it on a Linux system such as Ubuntu, I'm very interested.

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