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Feature request: automatic keyboard layout handling

What I would like to see is how it is done in Google Translate now: when you click on the "virtual keyboard" icon, you can type on the real keyboard, but the text will appear as if you switched to the respective language layout. This way I can easily type, for example, German text without switching to (or even installing) German keyboard layout. On Duolingo, that would be great because we wouldn't have to toggle the layout all the time when entering English/non-English text. I have tried to enter everything with the German layout and had to go back to English, but the sort of smart handling I suggest would be great. Another argument against "just use the proper layout": Duolingo already allows us to avoid it, so why not make this option better :) Of course this doesn't have to forced on users, rather configured via settings.

March 25, 2013



I installed the US-International keyboard layout, which took about two seconds in total.

I never need to switch it, and it grants me easy and quick access to every accented letter as well as ß and a huge quantity of other symbols...

Your idea isn't bad, but it just seems unnecessary. Don't you practice your language anywhere else online than DuoLingo? If so, performing the tiny task of installing a keyboard layout would provide lasting benefits for you. I don't understand why you wouldn't just do that.


Viele Grüße! I am trying it out. This is a good option, the difference is that I have to push a special key to access the additional characters, which is probably not hard to get used to, but can also have its effect in timed practice. Also the availability (and the installation instructions) of the keyboard layouts differs across operating systems.


This might be a workable solution for many language pairs, but switching constantly between Latin and Cyrillic layouts is a bit of a pain. Admittedly, it is just one keystroke once you've set up the keyboard shortcut, but an automated solution would be great.


Like google translate! That's exactly what I've been thinking. Then if someone visits the country of which language they've been learning they'll be ready to use the keyboard layout there straight away.

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