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U.K. German Tutoring Paradox(?).

Just trying to start a quick discussion because I am interested in the communities opinion on the matter of the tutoring of German in U.K. schools. From my own research and experience, German seems to be phasing out in schools across the U.K. for whatever reason. I remember being a young child and being taught it in Primary School and Secondary School; I am a high school student now and the only options are French and Spanish (to a certain basic degree). Furthermore, schools in my area don't support the German language tutoring either.

What are your opinions/thoughts on this? And what is for this weird circumstance revolving around this?

May 30, 2018


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I think students and parents tend to be concerned about grades, and German has (not undeservedly, I guess) the reputation of being a rather difficult language. Students probably are afraid of the work load. Maybe parents also re-live their own struggles. Not a very encouraging environment for potential German learners!

Many schools and universities have language requirements, which are much easier fulfilled with Spanish or French than with German.

ETA: I forgot: peer pressure! If some brave soul actually would like to learn German, but none of his/her friends, they would probably also go with whatever language their friends have chosen.


Very interesting analogy indeed! Thanks for your opinion.


phase out, not "faze out"


Well spotted. Adaptation in 'edit mode' will be added!

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I've noticed this in America, but I'm surprised to hear this is true in the UK as well, since I would expect German to be a more practical language than Spanish there. I don't see a substantial difference in utility between German and French, either, though that will depend on context.

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