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Conversational Mode

I tend to use Duolingo for the purpose of learning to speak to locals in foreign countries that I visit. However, I've noticed that the methods of language learning that Duolingo uses aren't optimized for interpersonal conversational use. Much of the learning is reliant on the written language and rarely requires the user to both listen, interpret, translate, and respond entirely without written prompts or hints. I think that for anyone trying to learn to use a new language conversationally, this is a vital step in that process. I know that Duolingo has both text-to-speech and speech-to-text capabilities. However, the two do not seem to be paired up in a mode that eliminates the "middle-man" of the written language. I was wondering if it would be possible to create such a mode. I truly believe this would be a great benefit for those language learners who want to learn how to communicate with others in person. I am so interested in this mode that it would easily be the deciding factor in my subscribing to Duolingo Pro if it were made an exclusively Pro feature. I just wanted to share this thought as I think it would greatly improve the Duolingo product offering, and I hope others might share my enthusiasm for this idea. With enough support, we might be able to have the Duolingo developers create just such a learning option.

May 30, 2018



A good thought!


i greatly agree, and thiknk that's so true and we really need that

Good luck, best wishes,



most definitely


I would love it!


I agree! That would be very helpful.

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