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  5. "Mnafikiri"


Translation:You are thinking

May 30, 2018



Can it be you think as well as you are thinking? Is the present continuous different from simple present in Swahili? My grammar in English is non existent so I may not have asked the question correctly! Thanks


Yeah, it can also be "you think". Swahili has a couple of different present tenses, one with -na- and another one with -a- but the latter is rarely used in modern Swahili outside of formal things such as newspaper headlines or things describing events as a simple fact without time (eg. describing what happens in a book, since the plot line of a book or a film is an unchanging thing).

Mnafikiri = You think / You are thinking
Mwafikiri = You think [formal, headliney]


Of course "you think" should be accepted, but Duolingo will take forever to make the correction.


I tried - "you think" and it rejected.. but it should be right ?


How do you pro ounce this


for what i read in grammars, mnafikiri shoukd be "s/he thinks" you think should be unafikiri

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