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  5. How does a streak freeze work?


How does a streak freeze work?

I just want to know how it works so I don't waste my lingots. Does it only use it if I don't play for a day?

Thank you in advance for any replies I get, I love the app.

April 25, 2014



Yes, if you purchase the streak freeze, then it's there until you miss a day. If you don't miss a day, then it remains in limbo, waiting for the day you need it.
You can only have one streak freeze available at a time, so if you miss two consecutive days, then your streak is over.
Once I had a rough weekend and missed Saturday's practice entirely, using my streak freeze. On Sunday evening, I signed in, purchased another streak freeze, and started my practice... then fell asleep before completing it. Woke up at just after midnight (making it Monday) and finished my practice. It used my streak freeze for Sunday and counted my practice as being on Monday.


This has helped me soooooooooooo much! Thank you! Merci! ありがとう! 谢谢! Danke dir! ขอบคุณ! 고맙습니다!


ありがとう! I am doing Japanese :) This really helped me, thanks!


How doI buy a streak freeze


You are correct.

Apparently the thing to do is to buy it in advance so that it sits there until one day when you forget to practice, or you can't get to a computer, and it will save your streak for just that one day. And once it's done, then it's used up and you have to buy another one (if you want one).

As far as I know, it doesn't work for more than one day, so you can't, for example, blow a thousand lingots on streak freezes and then go on an extended holiday.


Thank you for replying, it seems wise to buy one in advance and I appreciate your help.


I know this is an old thread but a word of advice to everyone - ALWAYS have streak freeze activated. A few days ago one of my practices must not have registered with the app/website, or some other thing must have happened, so if I didn't have it on freeze I would have lost my streak.


I have had the same experience lately, that I don't know whether a practice has been recorded or not. One evening I know that I did two lessons to get to my daily quota, but a few days later I noticed that nothing had been registered for that day at all. Yesterday I remember doing one lesson, but when I came back later to do another my daily quota had already been filled up. So it's not consistent.

I wish there was a log we could check for exactly when a practice was done/registered with Duolingo.


That'd be great, I'm really paranoid now that I'll lose my streak (After I finish my practice today it'll be 50 days).


sadly you cannot apply it backwards :(


And, BOY, do I wish I had known this before! Info on HOW the Streak Freeze feature works would have been VERY helpful! I lost my 33-day streak and was so angry I quit Duolingo for nearly a month. :-( Just now jumping back in with a pre-bought Streak Freeze.


Yeah I have 235 lingots but didn't know I had to buy them beforehand for a streakfreeze and lost a 76 day streak. I couldn't find instructions on mobile app and only googled on computer the day after I missed a day so it's too late and I'm starting over. The thing about missing a day is it's not usually planned in advance. It's crazy how mad I am at duolingo.


I lost a streak too. It made me so mad I quit for a year and a half! Now I'm back with a vengance. And I've also made sure the streak is not such a big deal... Though I am on day 21 now and have a streak freeze equipped.

I came here looking to see if it stays equipped until used. And to see if used, does it also work for wagers?


Yeah, happened to me as well. Really annoying. =(


Same here :-( happened just yesterday!!!


i got 1 lingot for getting a 10 day streak! for the first time!


Something similar happened to me, so I lost a long streak and also quit for a month. It's weird how discouraging it is.


After you quit for a month how long did it take for you to restore you skills to full strength?

I am about to go to France for three weeks and so my French will hopefully improve but I do not expect to have access to Duolingo and was wondering how bad I will suffer in the Duolingo-game.

It is funny but it really has become a game. I wonder if my French is actually being helped? Could some of the people at level 20 or above comment on how Doulingo helps them improve even at that level?

In any case I guess I will pre-buy Streak Freeze. Thanks for the help.


Set your xp to the minimum


How do I get a freeze streak


You buy one from the shop.


This just happened to me last night


If you get Duolingo Plus you get one free streak repair every month.


I have just lost 178 day streak as it was my birthday and I got home after midnight - too late to do my daily French! I didn't understand how the the streakfreeze works and traded my lingots now hoping to use it so as not to lose the streak but It seems I would have had to use it before I missed a day! I was asked if I wanted to save my streak by paying $14.99 and said no as I thought I could use my streak freeze. Oh well! I hope I am not too demotivated by this!


I am afraid a bit that having the streak saver I would use it rather than doing my lessons. Just because of I am too lazy, you know..


Does the weekend amulet also stay equipped until the day/weekend you need it or do you lose it after each weekend?


so you are correct,too


ok, all these were very helpful, thank you


I tried for over seven hours yesterday to do my third lesson but I could not connect to Duolingo. I worked on the mail notice three times and got to the last question and the it would go off. Today I spent 200 ingots to do a streak freeze . How do I redeem the SF so I don't lose my 65 the day?


Today my streak freeze was no longer there as if i had used it. My double or nothing was still in tact day 4 of 7. And there were no skips in the S M T W T F S daily listings that show when you finish a day. Where did my streak freeze go? Do they eventually expire??!! Has this happened to any of you guys?


It lasts one day. After you have a good steak they will take it away every day. I have an 865 day streak, which I know they will take away even though I am practicing every day, Every day I buy the freeze and the next day they take it away!


So when duolingo refuses to update until AFTER midnight, and you use your streak, it's useless in correcting their error?


I have a question: if you buy a freeze on pc or does it work on mobile, and vice versa?


I usually do my lessons in the early afternoon (UK time). I find the Streak Freeze useful because if I don't do my daily lesson until the evening or at night, Duo thinks I've forgotten and my streak is broken. Does Duo work on a certain time zone, or does Duo base the breaking of the streak on your usual study time, and if you do it later that usual, you are doomed?


How do you get a freeze streak

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