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  5. "Nevidíš kachnu, ale ptáka."

"Nevidíš kachnu, ale ptáka."

Translation:You do not see a duck but a bird.

May 31, 2018



But ducks are birds


Yes, this is true! But for our learning purposes, the sentence still translates to "You don't see a duck but a bird." Scientific classification is probably beyond the scope of the course... although i think I remember a sentence or two about ducks, hens and geese being birds... :-)


Maybe the question might be, is there any way in Czech that this sounds okay? Does the word ptáka somehow in practical use seem like it is non-duck birds? If it sounds just as silly in Czech than it does in English, we know that the word "bird" is indeed an exact translation in every scenario.


It sounds unusual even in Czech. But the word "jiný" "other/different" has not been taught yet.

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