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  5. "The bathroom is here."

"The bathroom is here."

Translation:El baño está aquí.

May 31, 2018

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Why isnt it es and not esta?


There are a lot of rules to differentiate ser (es) and estar (está), which can both be translated as to be. I'm not listing all the rules, but let's just say that when referring to the location of a physical object, we use estar.


That is realy a helpful explanation thank you


Oh really? The location of the bathroom is temporary?! The bathroom could move any minute?! Ridiculous.

Estar declares a state or condition, which is typically temporary, whereas ser declares a more permanent state of being.


Yes, estar is used to talk about a state or condition, but it is also used to talk about a location.
Estar: She is feeling happy today. She is in the kitchen.

You could think of ser as being about the inherent characteristic of someone or something. Ser: She is a happy person. She is tall. Some people use the acronym DOCTOR to remember ser. It stands for description, occupation, characteristics, time, origin, and relationship.


that acronym is incredibly helpful, thank you!!


Thanks a lot for the acronym DOCTOR is extremely helpful! I am struggling with El and La. Besides to remember what words are feminine and what are masculine, is there a better way to tell what to use El and what to use La?


Love the acronym DOCTOR. I gave you a lingot & upvoted you.


Thanks. Very helpful


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Thank you tremendously, MeadowlarkJ. Take four (lingots).


It also refers to the (permanent) location of buildings, etc.


I still find it confusing, like i can answer the most yet i cannot say it. I wish that on the later part you can learn to speak it as well.


Update on 05/17/19 - I entered "es" and the correct answer is "esta"


As AmineHadji1 mentioned above, use "está" when referring to places, and "es" when referring to something which just is.

The bathroom is here, in a specific place/location, so use "está".

The house is big, would be "la casa es grande"... here "es" is not referring to any location.

The cat is on the fence, would go: "el gato está en la cerca", because here you are referring to the cat's location, so use "está".


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ummmm why did we need to know that


why are you in jail though


So then "bano" is not a bathroom (a place) but a toilet (object)?


How about for airports or statues? Would you use ser or estar?


esta is to describe something temporary, like in condition or location, es is refering to permanent things like names etc


isn't es like a permanant thing and esta a temperary thing? i am confused


Maybe they are referring to a porta potty!


I'm native Spanish and that translation sounds weird, people usually say: "Aquí es el baño"


Yeah because they used an improper sentence structure in which the subject precedes the predicate which is not the natural way of how we speak.


I think it depends how you want to say it


Why is is "El bano esta aqui" instead of "El bano es aqui" ??


The use of "es aquí" is correct too, in some parts of South America we say exactly like this (here in Brazil talking Portuguese we use like this) if you use this way to say people will understand you.


Thanks, that's good to know.


I'm not confused about the sentence, I'm annoyed that I lose health every time I accidentally brush the screen even when my finger is nowhere near the submit button. Narrow the active submit button mapping, would you? It's frustrating to get set back for such a stupid reason!


Is the accent in Spanish language always indicated as tilting on the right like: í, ó , é, etc?


I suppose practice is the best way to learn the oddities. I am greek and thanks to spanish and the page comments I refresh english as well.


I thought 'esta' applies to temporary conditions (la puerta esta abierta) so I answered "el bano es aqui" since it would be here permanently. How is one to know?


What's the difference between El and Èl? I got it wrong...


El is the, Èl is he


Actually, Él is he, Èl is not Spanish


Why isnt it: el baño este aqui


"este" with the "e" at the end means "this", so your sentence would translate as "the bathroom this here", which isn't quite right.


what's the difference in saying bano and cuarto de bank, aren't they the same thing?


Cannot do the accents on this phone!


Really? If you hold down the letter, alternatives don't pop up?


El baño está allá. Possible ?


Allá is something which is very far from you


it tells someone were the bathroom is.


The remedial tip following is "In general, use es for permanent traits and event locations, and use está for temporary traits and other locations!" which muddies the water. I would think "The bathroom is here" permanently.


My answer was: El baño está aqui. and the answer said I should pay attention to the accents. I did!!


but not with aquí .... :P


My answer was correct but showed as wrong


Porque El no tiene un acento?


I put es instead of esta!


why we say esta instead say es ?????:-(


Asked and answered - you can help yourself by reading the discussion. In short, estar is used for locations


why is it esta and not es?


I used the accents and it still said pay attention to the accents, anyone else have that issue?


The accent on the i was hard for me to see. Perhaps that's the one you were missing?


Thank you Duo for telling me where the bathroom is


Is the bano temporary?


This has already been explained. Please read the other posts before posting.


This doesn't make sense since it you have use esta and not es


Bathrooms, once found, dont move. They are permanent. Es should work here.


Estar is always used to talk about the location of anything or anyone. It can be as permanent as the Pacific Ocean or Australia; you must always use estar! (How you feel or where you are, you always have to use estar!) An exception would be if you are talking about where someone is from, then you can use ser because that is considered a characteristic of the person, not his location.


How is the location of the bank temporary your rules dont make sense or is it do as i say and not what's right


The permanent/temporary thing is not a very good guideline. For locations of physical objects, use estar


Your rules? Those are the rules of the Spanish language. Temporary vs permanent has nothing to do with this. Locations are expressed with estar. That's the rule


Ridiculous it's not "es" instead of "esta."

The location of the bathroom is temporary?! The bathroom could move any minute?! It might walk away later today? Ridiculous.

Estar declares a state or condition of being, which is typically temporary (such as feelings, temperature, hunger, et cetera) whereas ser declares a more permanent state of being (I am hispanic, I'm from Argentina, et cetera).

There's certainly a grey area between the two - where one could use either a cojugation of ser or estar depending on the situation and context. But the location of a frikken' bathroom is not one of those cases.


Welcome to learning another language. You will find a lot of exceptions to the rules which you will just have to accept. I see you're learning German, and you will find oddities such as the word for "girl" being a neuter word (not feminine). Don't get me started with French, LOL. Sure, they can be annoying, but after practicing it a couple of times, it will come naturally.

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