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  5. "puchpa'Daq paq qem torgh."

"puchpa'Daq paq qem torgh."

Translation:Torg brought a book into the bathroom.

May 31, 2018



This sentence sounds ominous...


As in something like this?
{ghIq ghojwI'pu' wunvaD ghargh'a' tIn HIvmoH torgh.}
"Then torg caused the large great snake to attack the vulnerable students." (I think)


I'm thinking more like "puq chagh torgh ghIq" (then torg dropped the book)


Pretty good, and definitely a good reason not to bring your book into the bathroom.

Even though "then" is sort of used like a conjunction in English, it is officially an adverb, which allows a lot of flexibility in where to place it. In Klingon ghIq is also an adverb, but Klingon has a lot less flexibility with adverbs and it must go at the front.

Also, you misspelled paq.


Oh I was wondering about where to put ghIq, thanks! And yeah, I've been cramming klingon lately and I can't spell anything lol. Thanks for the fix.


I tried "Torg brings a book into the restroom." for this and it marked it incorrect. Wondering if that should be considered an acceptable translation? (Whether it gets added here or not :) ).


It's fine. Restroom was not listed among the accepted translations. I have added it now.

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