"To jsou dobrá jména."

Translation:Those are good names.

May 31, 2018

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I typed ''Those names are good'' It was judged incorrect? But there is nothing wrong with this sentence structure and it means exactly the same thing?


Because of golden rules you should use "Ta jména jsou dobrá".


Why isn't "Those are nice names" right? It has the same meaning as "Those are good names".


no, nice and good are different


According to the Thesaurus, nice and good are synonyms and you can use it instead of good. https://www.thesaurus.com/browse/nice?s=t


I've got the impression that 'to' and 'ta' can both be used for neuter plural. Am I correct in thinking this?


This is a "to je / je to / to jsou / jsou to" construction - it's the same in all genders:

  • To jsou dobří muži, dobré stromy, dobré ženy a dobrá jména.

When "ten/ta/to" is used as a demonstrative pronoun, it has to agree with the noun - then you only have "ta" for neuter plural:

  • ti dobří muži, ty dobré stromy, ty dobré ženy, ta dobrá jména


  • To jsou dobrá jména. Jsou to dobrá jména.
  • Ta jména jsou dobrá.
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