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  5. "Taa inauzwa"

"Taa inauzwa"

Translation:A light is being sold

May 31, 2018



Does this refer to the actual moment of the sales transaction, or is it more like "The/a light is for sale"?


Actual transaction. To my knowledge there's no direct phrase for 'for sale', you'd have to verbalize that the price has been dropped, so it'd be something like 'bei ya taa imeshushwa' (the price of the light has been dropped/has gone down).


Thanks! For me the price drop scenario is "on sale." "For sale" means that the light is being offered for purchase (like it's sitting on a store shelf or is one of the items in a garage sale). Can this Swahili sentence apply in that instance, or does this sentence only mean that the cashier is ringing up the buyer's purchase of the light?


ah, so intent to sell? The sentence can imply that but out of context it's a little ambiguous. With that meaning you'd have to take it as somewhere out there light is sold/light is sellable. If it's for sale I'd say it as 'taa ni ya kuuzwa' to mean the light can be sold/is for sale


What is thr active form of "to sell" in Swahili?


Taa is sing. and pl. Nevertheless "lights are being sold" is not accepted. Please explain.


"taa" is an N-class noun, so I think for plural it would have to be "zinauzwa"

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