"Good evening, sir."

Translation:Buenas tardes, señor.

5 months ago



Sorry that happened to you. Yes there is proper ways to use that, Señor is for an older man around his 50. Señora is when she is married. Señorita is use for a young girl in her 20's and for respect it is also used for older women around their 50's too.

4 months ago


In Cataluña, I was pulled up for saying this to a youngish 29/30 year old. He was so offended and told me you only use señor speaking to old men. Others confirmed this when I asked later.

5 months ago


Shouldn't it be "buenas noches"?

2 months ago


I just read: Buenas noches. * = good night. Buenas tardes. * = good afternoon or good evening. But I don't know if that is correct.

2 months ago


I believe notches means night (dark) and tardes would be anytime after noon.

3 weeks ago


I thought so tardes afternoon, noches evening ?

2 months ago


The lesson just marked me wrong for using noches, says tardes is correct.

4 months ago


shouldn't it be "buenos" instead of "buenas" as señor is masculine??

1 day ago
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