Is it possible to make insulting comments disappear from the comment field of the Duo clubs?

Okay, here it comes:

When I opened my Norwegian club today the first thing that I saw was that a person whose user name seemed completely unfamiliar to me had written a comment in the club reading as "Haha dere klarer ikke Norsk engang IDIOTER" (that means "haha you don't even manage Norwegian, idiots" in Norwegian). Obviously I didn't appreciate this comment at all as I felt it to be inappropriate and discouraging for the people who really want to learn. The person must have left the club immediately afterwards as he/she did not appear on the member list when I looked at it. However, the negative comment unfortunately stayed. I have tried deleting the comment by clicking on it but have not managed that. Is there any way to make such comments disappear or to prevent people from writing such comments in the first place? (I have taken a screenshot of the comment where the user name of the person can also be seen but I didn't want to post it here as I think that would probably interfere with the privacy rights and I don't want to make a public campaign against this person but rather have an advise as to what I can do about the comment that he/she has left behind...)

May 31, 2018


Thank you very much, I have now tried submitting this report, I hope it worked as I didn't get a confirmation that it had been submitted or anything...:)

May 31, 2018

I have tried again and have now found a way of deleting the post. The solution is to click on the user name on the first side of the club and then after a while a button appears that says "do you really want to delete this post". So that's what I've done now. In case the name, picture, whatever of the person are needed for what-do-I-know I'll still keep the screenshot.

May 31, 2018
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