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I took a German test for fun

So I was reading about the Goethe-Zertifikat in this thread : https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22658576/Should-I-take-the-Goethe-Zertifikat-B1 And I saw the test and thought, eh what the heck, free german sentence practise. So I took it and...: Ergebnis DSD Einstufungstest - Result DSD Placement Test

Vielen Dank für die Nutzung unseres kostenlosen Einstufungstests. Du hast folgendes Ergebnis erzielt:

Thank you very much for using our free placement test. Your score is:

48 / 90 ( = 53.3 %).

Wir empfehlen unseren Deutschkurs: We recommend our German course: Grundstufe A2.1 I'm only half-way with the tree so when I finish it I will retake it but I am so happy that Duo and Memrise helped me get such results! Fingers crossed they get me to B1 or low B2 so I can be ready for the Goethe-Institut! Now its back to practising, all hail the green Owl!

May 31, 2018



I'd suggest to consider also this thread: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/27301338 The student learned with Duolingo, took the test at the Goethe-Institut, got placed B1, had an interview and was suggested to take A2.2. Duolingo trains well in written language, but is weaker in spoken language. And as tests like the one you did, test for the abilities in writing more, it might over-estimate the overall abilities.


I can't find the link for the test :/


Ah, found this one before, took it, 19 answers right (out of 30)... but I do not understand, how OP got on 48/90 :D


Nope, I took a different one. http://germanlessons.de/placement_test.htm. It does have 90 questions. Check for yourself, if you want. In that thread, I linked it's under the blue words: "this one".

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