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"Me interesan estos sitios de la ciudad."

Translation:I'm interested in these city sites.

May 31, 2018



"These city sites interest me" is correct and should be accepted.


"These city sites interest me" - this translation is accepted (7th Aug 2018)


Although I believe the English sentence 'These places in the city interest me.' is a more natural translation, 'I am interested in these city sites.' was also accepted. 16/10/2018


"I'm interested in these places of the city" was not accepted (7/7/19). Reported.


I am interested in these sites in the city was not accepted. Reported.


Their translation is correct:

estos sitios - 'these places' (not sure why they don't use lugares here)

de la ciudad - 'in the city'

me interesan - 'they interest me' or 'they interest myself'

There's no 'I am' in there anywhere. You're incorrectly translating the indirect object pronoun 'me' here in my opinion.


The pronouns and verb were not the problem. DL did not accept sites for "sitios." The weird sentence they gave me as a correct translation instead of what I wrote said "I am interested in these bits of the city." Bits? Um....

Yes, "me interesan" can be translated as"they interest me" but we more often say "I am interested in them" in English.

Just like "me gustan" technically translates as "they please me" but we more often say "I like them" in English

In fact, this category of verbs is often referred to simply as "verbs like gustar"

Here is a link to a page about this category of verb with a list of some common verbs of this type (including interesar):


Sometimes, as with interesar, when we 'flip' the verb, the English sentence comes out in the passive voice and auxiliary verbs get added.


My answer was, "I'm interested in the sites of the city." It was marked wrong for using the word "sites", instead of "bits". But, their "correct solution" used the phrase "I'm interested in these bits of the city." So, they feel that "I'm interested in" is also correct. I'm no expert though. :)


"I am interested in these places in the city" was accepted by DL.


"bits of the city" works well for me (Brit English speaker).

What I want to know is why "town" isn't acceptable for "ciudad"?


ciudad=city pueblo=village/town


From what I understand, ciudad can indeed sometimes refer to a (large) town. Might be a regional thing though.


I translated as "these sites". Duolingo says wrong and gave the translation as "I'm interested in these bits of the city." THAT is a copy and paste. "Bits" ???


Why not 'city places'? Should I report it?


Though I am CLEARLY no expert, I think you're right, Sparrowhawk.


Can someone explain to me why de is used as in the city and not en in the question.. I translated it as places of the city.. Which was incorrect


no native English speaker would ever say this


I wrote "these city sites interest me." I'm sure it's wrong, but I don't understand why. Can someone please help?


I typed these places interest me in the city, and was marked wrong, is this not the same answer?


These places of the city interest me.

Can someone explain why that was rejected?


Tell me again how this is a natural sentence for anyone


If someone was on a historical tour, he might say "I'm interested in these historical sites" ut not sites alone.


sitio= site = place?


According to SpanishDict.com "sitio" means the following: sitio(see-tyoh) MASCULINE NOUN

  1. (location)

a. place

Tú siempre sales al mismo sitio para cenar.You always go out to the same place for dinner.

  1. (computing)

a. site

Hay muchos sitios en Internet donde puedes buscar una vivienda de alquiler o de compra.There are many sites on the Internet where you can search for a property to rent or purchase.

b. website

Mira, en este sitio puedes descargar esos programas que necesitas.Look, you can download those programs you need on this website.



I said: "These places of the city interest me." Why is this not correct?? It is literally the translation!!! I am sick and tired of using Duolingo!!!! I will start posting my frustration on Twitter. Get ready for it!


You might try reporting your answer to see whether DL will add it to the database. But, it looks as though Duo is trying to teach us that "sitios de la ciudad" should be translated as "places in the city," not "places of the city." Sometimes, rather than just becoming frustrated, it helps to try to figure out what we are supposed to be learning.

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