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  5. "I am under the bed!"

"I am under the bed!"

Translation:Ich bin unter dem Bett!

May 31, 2018



Why is it "dem" and not "das"?


unter demands dative if you speak about a place / location, here one is under the bed, hence dative.


This is unfortunately uncorrect. "Unter" requires either dative or accusative. All dual prepositions (unter, in, neben, vor, an, auf, ├╝ber, unter, zwischen) can use either accusative or dative depending on context.

Generally speaking, if there is motion from one place to another place, you use the accusative "Ich gehe unter das bett" (I go under the bed), if there is no motion, or the motion is occurring at the same place, you use the dative "Ich bin unter dem bett" (I am under the bed).

The use of dative or accusative can change the meaning completely. Take for example "Ich gehe auf das dach" and "Ich gehe auf dem dach", the first one would mean you are going from a different location into the roof, the second one would mean that you are already on the roof and walking on top of it.


...Thsnk GOD SOMEBODY knows how to explain Dative and Accusative cases with EXAMPLES and explanations rather than just repeating the words 'dative' and 'accusative'. SO much more useful for those of the British learning system where we don't even get told what these cases our with regards to the structures of our own language.

Have a lingot :D


Incorrect* Thank you for the thorough explanation.


Why is this one opposite of the other exercise "there is a cat under the table - unter dem tisch ist eine katze"? The hint for this suggests unter is the first word because it's capitalized... And not a noun. So if you're going by the hint it's wrong. I wrote "unter dem bett ich bin" and was marked incorrect


You're incorrect because it should be "Unter dem Bett bin ich". If you're going to use that wording like that then the verb has come before the subject since the verb always goes in the second position and usually the subject (ich) takes the first position, but since "unter dem tisch" is taking up the first position in the sentence, then you have to put the verb right after it. You could also say, "Eine Katze ist unter dem Tisch."

Eine Katze ist unter dem Tisch - Unter dem Tisch ist eine Katze Ich bin unter dem Bett - Unter dem Tisch bin ich

Rearranging sentences is good for emphasizing things such as if you wanted to emphasize that you are UNDER THE TABLE and not anywhere else.


"You have a typo.Ich bin unterm Bett!" Unterm not an option in the lsit of words


All these comments are what Duolingo is all about! Thank you all.

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