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See completed tree??? way to verify student completed course

Is there any way to see on my dashboard that the students completed the first level (crown 1) on each circle and received the owl at the end? I can't seem to figure out a way to see it on my end anymore since the assignments and the skills do not accurately reflect it anymore.

May 31, 2018



Hi agriesch, Yup, if you go to a classroom, then the "Students" section, and select "More Details" -> "Course Progress" that will show you which skills that each student has completed the first level of. If they have checkmarks in all columns, then they have completed the entire tree and have a golden owl.


I'm new to Duolingo Schools and was wondering the same thing. I plan to implement with all of my German students this year (Honors German 3, Honors German 4 and AP German) and wondered if I would be able to see their progress because I know that some have been using it already.

I have another question that you might be able to answer. Is there a way to assign a skill past Level 1?

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