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Help with learning German.

Hi everyone, I started learning German last week and have a (difficult) goal of becoming at least conversational (maybe A2-B1) by September. I have so far dedicated around 5 hours each day to studying German (but some days I am a little busier and have to contribute less). Does anyone have any ideas on how I can learn, and maybe give me some criticism on how to tweak what I'm doing?

So far, I am reading short stories, watching children's tv shows (still don't understand much, though!), Netflix with subtitles, some workbooks, German-English dictionary, Duolingo, Memrise (which I am still trying to navigate), Youtube videos, and the Harry story on DW.com. I do not know anyone who speaks German but I am looking into finding people to Skype with online etc.

Thank you everyone for your help! I really want to use my time the most efficient way possible :)

May 31, 2018



You can also try Drops and Rosetta Stone.


I have never heard of Drops. Going to check it out now. Thanks for the suggestion! :)


Nedward, I am right behind you. My first language is English. In order to understand German, I try to relax. German and English are so similar that it is scary. My only real experience with German is form watching "Hogan's Heroes" on tv. I am loving it. I am repeating a lot. My throat is getting sore. No pain, no gain. Look forward to reading posts about your progress. Right now "I know nothing" (Sgt. Schultz). Good luck! Your friend, Cat


They are incredibly similar! A lot of vocab I am learning so far is just easy to infer. I will definitely try watching that show, thanks for the suggestion. Update me too on your journey! We can do this! :)


I suggest you keep a Diary in German.


I never thought of that! I will give it a try, thank you!


Hello! Are you looking for sources or help with learning German?


Sources please! Any sources you think could help me learn it :)


Okay! I recommend Learn German with Anja and Leran German with Jenny. You could also look at Get Germanized. They're all on YouTube.

EDIT: German with Jenny also has a website.


Danke! I love Get Germanized and will definitely check out the other two. Thanks for the help! :)


You have all the best resources at hand. I used Rosetta and it took me about 3 months to feel that I was starting to think in the language. It really does teach the language like a child learns but you must practice every day like amchild does, for several hours, even if it is just listening. I listed to music in the language on my down days or to audio classes that I down loaded.

Here is another resource: When I took a crash course on Serbo-Croation I used the FSI class and audio. The audio was great and I could listen while I worked out or walked. They have german too. Here is the main link with all the languages:


All I really used from them was the audio. But there is text. I also listened to Croation radio.

You can also listen to German speaking radio programs.


Thanks for the suggestion! The FSI class looks wonderful and free! I will definitely give it a go! I have been thinking about Rosetta Stone too,I checked it out online and it looks a lot cheaper than it used to be! Thanks for your help! :)


Keep checking the prices and package combo. They fluctuate. THey may have a father's day or 4th of July sale.

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