Possible bug

A warning pops up between 6-13 times that I have no flash player on my mac. It eventually goes away and works fine but it is still annoying.

March 25, 2013


In these cases , there is actually a problem with your flash/browser. The best way to resolve this is to completely restart your browser.

I have been getting this also. We do not have a mac, but use windows. Happens both at work and home.

Can you try reloading your browser? That should help!

Also, moving this thread to the troubleshooting discussion :)

Thank you, I didn't know you had a troubleshooting section. I do end up restarting my browser, but this is a brand new issue that started four days ago.

7, 9 13 and 17 clicks on the same drop down box saying that I don't have audio. I've refreshed my browser, restarted my computer and it still happens. I have a mac so I shouldn't need to restart my computer or my browser since it doesn't fix the problem.

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