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"chalmey SuD, 'engmey chIS je vIlegh."

Translation:I see blue skies and white clouds.

May 31, 2018



Thought I identified this lyric:

Sormey SuD, 'InSong Doq je vIlegh,
jIHvaD SoHvaD, chumchoH vIlegh.
'ej jIHvaD jIQubtaH, qo' Dun 'oH qo'vam'e'.

chalmey SuD, 'engmey chIS je vIlegh.
Do'bogh pem wov, quvbogh ram Hurgh.
'ej jIHvaD jIQubtaH, qo' Dun 'oH qo'vam'e'.

Har'ey chumqu' vIlegh, chalDaq 'IHqu' 'oHbej,
juStaHbogh ghotpu' qabDu' nguvmoHlaw' chal chumqu'.
ghom juppu' 'e' vIlegh, "chay' pIv SoH?" jatlhchuqtaH,
teH 'oH, jatlhtaH chaH "qamuSHa'".

SaQbogh ghumey vIQoy, nenchoH vIbej.
not ngoDmey law' vISovbogh ghoj,
'ej jIHvaD jIQubtaH, qo' Dun 'oH qo'vam'e'.
luq jIHvaD jIQubtaH, qo' Dun 'oH qo'vam'e'.

May 31, 2018


Louis Armstrong's songs are so much better in their original Klingon.

June 6, 2018


Did you translate this? Very nice. Do you have more translations of songs?

July 27, 2018


HISlaH. qatlho' 'ej HISlaH. law' bommey, puS bommey'e' bomlaHbogh vay'.

July 28, 2018

  • 1674

A friend of mine created A Klingon Christmas Carol.

October 27, 2018


Will you be seeing the show this year?

October 27, 2018
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