"det gider jeg ikke" paa andre sprog (isaer hollandsk, tysk, fransk, spansk, kinesisk

paa engelsk synes jeg det lyder mest som "i'm not so inclined" : lige saa hoefligt i nogle situationer men mere uformelt, fordi det bruger mange boern ogsaa. kom med et bud!

May 31, 2018


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Hi, I'm Danish.

I'd say that "Det gider jeg ikke" is very informal, direct and somewhat childish. The english equivalent could be "I can't be bothered to do that".

I would usually only say it to family members and close friends, as saying it to strangers, especially if it is used to decline a request, is very rude. If I want to decline an invitation in a polite way, I'd say no indirectly e.g.: "Ellers tak, ikke lige nu" (thank you, but not right now)

June 1, 2018

touch'e . very informal, direct and somewhat childish. not to be used in polite situations. Perhaps I should be asking for a translation of the question, possibly also used only in informal situations? gider du det? would you mind (doing that)? ogsaa paa hollandsk, tysk, fransk, spansk, kinesisk

June 2, 2018

Supposing PhantomizedEnvy is correct, the written equivalent in Finnish might be

  • Minä en jaksa. (or En minä jaksa.)
  • Minä en viitsi. (or En minä viitsi.)

The way I would actually say that, if I were so inclined, would be

  • Emmä ny viitti. or Emmä ny viittis.
  • Emmä ny jaksa.

That is, the first two words would be merged, and I would certainly add the word "nyt" (now), which I would pronounce as "ny", omitting the final t. But the details here depend on one's dialect.

June 1, 2018
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