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In English poetry, a poem has many stanzas, A Sonnet, A 14-line poem with a variable rhyme scheme . There are many different types of sonnets. Does the German language use the same system or it has different system? Many thanks.

May 31, 2018



Well, I don't know a lot about it. I just answer because no one did up to now.

I definely heard those terms when I went to school in Germany and while googling 'Stanze' I found German examples. So I guess yes, we also use them. But we also use simpler rhyme schemes and... things that I disliked in school. ^^"

As for systems that are somehow unique to German: I never heard about it and I think it's unlikely, because our languages are not 'different enough'.


A German sonnet contains four Strophen (die Strophe - verse, stanza). The first and the second Strophe are called "Quartette" (das Quartett), because they contain each four Verse (der Vers - verse). The third and fourth one are called "Terzette" (das Terzett), because they contain each three Verse. There is a contrast or cut of tenor, opinion or point of view between the Quartetten and the Terzetten.

The stress of the German word Sonett (das) is on the second silable, not on the first one like in English.

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