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Change in Duolingo

What happened? All of a sudden as i was working present verbs in Spanish, all the season themes changed...

June 1, 2018



My courses were changed a lot today as well. My Crown Level went down to 140 from 175 too. I don't mind getting new courses, but it should not decrease my crown level. It is "very discourage" because I keep practicing daily.

Many of my courses were changed to level 0 or level 1. Most my courses were level 3 and level 2. A few of the courses got to level 4 and level 5 before. I was working to get all my courses to level 3.

Don't know the criteria of the changes. Looks like most of top half courses were changed.

Are we guinea pigs again?

[deactivated user]

    If your Crown Levels dropped from 175 to 140 then you should post it under trouble shooting or something..That is discouraging.


    thanks for your suggestion.


    Screwed by the crown system: lost work and lost progress.

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