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Updated: Give notice if you are going to restructure a tree.


Give notice if you are going to restructure a tree.

Notice was not given before Spanish Tree 2.0 wiped out Tree 1.0 and user virtual symbols of accomplishment.

Just Golden Owls were taken away, Crown Levels reduced, Lexicons Earned reduced, Lesson Learned reduced.

It was a severe shock, causing many Spanish users to quit in disgust and feeling betrayed.

June 1, 2018



Don't forget the goal of Duolingo - make learning fun. ----- It is not fun when Duolingo is a giver and a taker - and takes away a persons virtual accolades - there must be a better way to motivate people than to strip them of their accomplishments.


Actually, no. I believe that an expanded tree helps people learn a language more fully and that language-learning is the important thing here, not crowns, streaks, lessons learned, or pictures of "trophy owls" that are really nothing more than pixels. One can re-earn all of the geegaws that don't impact one's linguistic study by completing new material and be the better for it.


I did not say 2.0 is bad. How would you like to be almost finished with High School and because they wanted to restructure the program, they knocked you back to 1st grade - graying out most of what you've already done.


My experience with the new Dutch tree was that everything you had already done stayed done. It wasn't obvious from the look of the tree, but I didn't have to do every lesson. They haven't taken most of what you've done away, it's just not clearly visible anymore.


I did not experience that kick back, I had the Spanish upgrade before the crown up date as I volunteered to try it in January when my old tree had been fully finished for some time. However when I was updated to crowns I did not get many so I had a gripe then.


Thank you for letting me know. It hurts a little less knowing someone tried to tell them.


You do not loose any of your knowledge learned from tree 1.0, just a bunch of icons on your screen and Duo is offering to extend that knowledge by a significant amount so why would you want to delay that extra learning?

Also it would make the job of the course team/volunteers much harder to support the courses if they had multiple course versions to support. Some time down the line they could have versions 1, 2, 3, 4, ... all needing support.


I get that I did not lose knowledge, that the virtual rewards for doing a good job "does not count" and that Spanish Tree 2.0 is wonderful. And in hindsight, I get that multiple versions are too hard to maintain. But, they still could have given NOTICE - letting us know that Spanish was going to restructure and that they were sorry that our accomplishments had to be wiped out, I was just shocked with no notice losing my Spanish Golden Owl (affecting my standing in the Streak Hall of Fame - my Spanish icon got greyed out), lost Crowns, lessons studied, lexicons accomplished, etc, "went up in smoke" in less than a second WITHOUT NOTICE (I had a faulty assumption that once something is earned, it cannot or will not be taken away). I volunteer myself so I know about doing something you love for others because you want to. But, it still was a shock to have the virtual symbols of my intense hundreds of hours of work taken away with NO NOTICE. It did knock me and a lot of people "down a notch". Some people quit Duolingo over the way Spanish Tree 2.0 was implemented. I changed from studying Duolingo for hours a day to only doing 15 minutes to keep my virtual Streak alive (yes, still a virtual reward that means nothing). I tried to cancel my Plus account but, I am paid up until November 2018 and I was refused a refund. Yes, I still want to learn Spanish but, IT IS NOT AS MUCH FUN NOW knowing that all my virtual symbols of my accomplishments CAN BE taken away AT ANYTIME WITHOUT NOTICE. Yes, I am glad to hear that other Tree restructurings, like Dutch 2.0, that the other volunteers on other projects can be gentle in their implementations and It was not as traumatic on users as Spanish 2.0 implementation.

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