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Bonjour tout le monde!

Premierement je m´excuse pour mon francais drole. Quand j´etais petite j´etais en l´immersion francais (c´est tres populaire ici en Columbie Brittanique) a 6ieme annee au 12ieme annee, mais il y a presque dix ans que j´ai fini l´ecole secondaire et je n´avais pas le utilizer, alors j´ai ouble beaucoup. Aussi je ne sais pas comment changer mon clavier au francais alors je ne utilizes pas des accents...

Maintenant je suis en train de se souvenir de tous les tenses important... je ferai les notes des toutes les conjugations. Aujourd hui j´ai fait le present, le passe compose, l´imparfait, le futur simple et le futur proche. Quels autres tenses sont tres utile? je ne peut pas souvenir

June 1, 2018


Bonjour à vous ! Est-ce que votre langue maternelle est l'anglais ou le français?

[index] French Learning Loom Index : Cela peut vous intéresser.

Il a des liens vers de nombreux numéros de grammaire pour la langue française.

  • french keyboards. : Cette discussion sur la façon de charger les claviers français peut aussi vous intéresser si votre anglais est correct.

Si / quand je trouve une discussion en français sur le clavier, j'ai l'intention de revenir ici pour le partager.

June 1, 2018

Quels appareils utilisez-vous? Android, iOS, Windows?

June 1, 2018

haha wow Im honored that even after reading my horrible french you thought french could be my first language :P

Thank you so much for all the links I bet I will spend hours on the french loom

June 2, 2018

(Pls forgive me for using English. I don't trust my French to say this accurately.)

How to type accents.

As lindakanga suggests, your options are going to be driven by what kind of computer you are using. I'm going to assume it's a windows or mac machine.

First, a few sentences about keyboard layouts. I'd suggest researching both the French (AZERTY) AND French Canadian keyboard layouts.

  • Just to make things fun, the layouts are slightly different for windows than mac.

  • If your native language is English and you have already learned to touch-type in English ... you might find that you prefer the French Canadian layout over the French because it has a QWERTY-like layout.

  • You'll need to try them to see what works for you. I'm a native English speaker, and have above-average typing skills.... The French layout didn't work for me (the layout is very different and it caused too many typos), the French Canadian was better.

  • I have a Mac and I strongly prefer to use the US/QUERTY keyboard, with "special keystrokes" to type the accented characters. I know this is because I've been typing for umpteen years, so adapting to a new layout wasn't worth it. You might find that the French Canadian or French layout is better for you. Don't take this on my word.

  • If I had a Windows machine, I suspect I'd buy one of the French Canadian keyboard layouts (I'm not fond of the Microsoft 'special keystrokes' design. Again, a personal choice.)

Now. If you are on a Windows machine:

  • You need to change the keyboard setup in the control panel (instructions are in the links lindakanga posted)

  • Use have the option of setting it to "US-International keyboard layout", and using the following special keystrokes.

  • If you want to use the French Canadian, or French layouts, you also need to get a new keyboard (with a matching layout).

Now. If you are on a Mac....

  • Here's how to use the 'option' key to get the special characters:

  • On your existing keyboard, if you hold the key down for a while (it might require a little pressure), a little pop-up window appears. That pop-up window gives you all of the special characters.

  • You can also order a new keyboard. You'll need to setup the new keyboard in the Control Panel.

Back to Windows. There is another way to get the special characters w/out changing the keyboard setup. I personally find it cumbersome to the point of pain. Go here, look for info on "Alt codes"

Have fun returning to your French!

June 1, 2018

Le plus-que-parfait et conditionnel: Par example: je parlerais (I would talk) et J'avais parlé (I had spoken).

June 1, 2018

Si vous êtes prets, le subjonctif présent et passé.

June 3, 2018
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