"You all walk home"

Translation:Tembeeni kwenda nyumbani

June 1, 2018



this translation makes no sense to me. The English version is a statement of fact, stating a habitual action. The Swahili translation is then an imperative statement.


I would think the translation would be "(Nyinyi) nyote hutembea kwenda nyumbani". Doesn't "Tembeeni kwenda nyumbani" translate to "Walk home (pl)"?

June 9, 2018


Why didn't they put the word for "kwenda" in the English sentence? They didn't say, "you all walk to go home.'

October 26, 2018


Not sure why this is wrong. It didn't say "you all walk to go home".

June 1, 2018


Yeah, but the kwenda is necessary here to make it say home rather than at home.

Tembeeni nyumbani = You all walk at home.
Tembeeni kwenda nyumbani. = You all walk home.

Locative nouns like nyumbani are not specified for whether they are the location, the destination or the source of an action. It depends on the verb. Kutembea with a locative noun just means the location. To say "walk to [place]" you also use kwenda because it indicates that the locative is the destination.

Ninakwenda nyumbani. = I go home.
Niko nyumbani. = I am at home.
Ninatoka nyumbani. = I leave home.

Ninatembea kwenda nyumbani. = I walk home.
Ninatembea nyumbani. = I walk at home.
Ninatembea kutoka nyumbani. = I walk from home.

June 2, 2018


Haya, sawa. Asante.

October 26, 2018
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