My favorite Spanish covers of songs & links for you! :D


[ESPAÑOL] hola a todos! hoy quería compartir algunas de mis canciones favoritas ... ¡pero son portadas españolas! Escuchar las portadas en español de mis canciones favoritas en inglés REALMENTE me ayudó a aprender español mucho más fácilmente y de buena gana. ¡Mi español no es perfecto, todavía! Pero continuaré aprendiendo y espero que tú también lo hagas, y también espero que disfrutes estos! :D

[ENGLISH] hi fellow Duolingo spanish learners!! today, i wanted to share some of my favorite songs... but they're Spanish covers! For me, listening to Spanish Covers of my favorite English songs REALLY helped me to learn Spanish much easier and willingly. It also helps me to pronounce Spanish words a lot faster and smoothly. Hopefully, it will help you discover a bigger Spanish vocab and become more familiar with words! For example, when I was bopping to As If Your It's Last, (02.) I learned "ultimo" which means "last" and when it was time for me to learn "ultimo" on Duolingo, it clicked right away! ANYWAYS, my Spanish isn't perfect, yet! But I will continue to learn and I hope you will too and I also hope that you will enjoy these :D

LINKS: 01. playing with fire by blackpink / cover espanol by fictioncami 02. as if its your last by blackpink / cover espanol by fictioncami 03. loser by bigbang / cover espanol by joevanloo 04. love scenario by ikon / cover espanol by agus goya 05. singing in the rain by loona / cover espanol by fictioncami 06. save me by bts / cover espanol by josema 07. sober by bigbang / cover espanol by josema 08. house of cards by bts / cover espanol by mapi ortega


June 1, 2018


por favor let me know if u want another post like this in the future!

June 1, 2018

Thanks for the links :)

June 1, 2018

de nada! :)

June 1, 2018

You'd probably like this one as well :

K-pop live in Mexico.
(BTS,EXO,Girl's day, Ailee, .....)
Some of them perfom Spanish songs.

June 1, 2018

gracias! que padre

June 1, 2018
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