"Co víš o tamhletom Němci?"

Translation:What do you know about that German?

June 1, 2018

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May I say "o tamhletom Němcovi" as well?


You surely could say that colloquially but I am not sure if it is standard, one has to consult a grammar handbook. And I am struggling locating the relevant entry in a handbook.

In the Czech national corpus all "Němcovi" I can find correspond to men who have their surname "Němec", not to actual Germans. If it were Mr. Němec (a common Czech surname :) you could say "o panu Němcovi" for sure. I think you will find exceptions, I am sure you can say what you did colloquially, but it may be non-standard.


In this case the "němcovi" is colloquial word.

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